Sunday, September 11, 2011

China Glaze Cyperspace Stamped

Happy Sunday! I'd like to show you all my first stamped manicure! I'm pretty excited about this one; a few got messed up but overall these nails look great. I'm in love with this stamping pattern, too. I got this China Glaze Tronica from Traci, and I love it! I also got High Def from the same collection.

Cyberspace alone

Last but not least, my "Mad As A Hatter shoes!!!" I got these at Burlington Coat Factory for ten bucks. Can you believe the actual polish is more expensive than these shoes!? Anyway, it reminded me of the glitter in the HTF OPI color, and I had to have them. ;D (and yes, that IS nail polish on my leg in the upper right of the pic. I got a bunch of black on myself when I was stamping LOL!)

What I Used:
1 coat OPI Nail Envy
2 coats China Glaze Cyberspace
1 coat Seche Vite Top Coat
Konad Image Plate m57 stamped with Nina Ultra Pro Black
1 coat Seche Vite Top Coat

Bottom Line:
I loooove the way this looks. This pattern just looks really professional, especially over the tan. I know I messed up a few spots but overall my nails all look great. I'm making it a goal to work more on my stamping, because the end result is so worth it! 

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    you did such a good stamp job!

    <3 BB

  2. I love your lace stamping! It looks great over that polish. And I really like your shoes too!

  3. Great job with the stamping! It looks awesome!

  4. i did the exact same stamp for my first stamped mani last week! of course, i think mine looked a little wonkier for sure! i'm a newish google reader follower and i have a brand new blog at

  5. hey emily. i love love love your nails here. super glad i found your blog. i'm following. I'd love if you'd check out my celebrity fashion and style blog and see if your interested in following too. Thanks love. xoxo

  6. Nice job for your first stamp! It is addictive! I already own about 100 plates and have started getting duplicates!

  7. Wow! You have some creative nails! :)

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