Saturday, September 10, 2011

Orly Rock Solid (from the Mineral FX Collection)

Hi ladies, happy Friday! Well, it's technically Saturday already, but close enough! I hope you all had a great week, especially those of you who returned to school after summer break. I had my first day on Tuesday; it was sooooo very hard to get back into the swing of things.. especially the waking up at 7am part.. yuck. But, I will truck on to maintain that 4.0. ;-)

Today was pretty busy; I had to go straight from work to babysitting, and I only had a few minutes to stop home and grab a polish or two to bring to babysit with me. I haphazardly grabbed a random Ulta polish and Orly Rock Solid from the new Mineral FX Collection that you've probably seen mentioned on other blogs before. Lucky for me, this polish was on the top of the pile, so it got spotted first. Rock Solid is a gunmetal shimmery gray that is packed with very tiny holographic sparkles. It's gorgeous, and reminds me of an asteroid or something of the sort.

Here is a blurry picture so you can see the holo pigmentation. I did this manicure late at night so I wasn't able to get sunny pictures outside!

What I Used:
1 coat OPI Nail Envy
2 coats Orly Rock Solid
1 coat Seche Vite Top Coat

Bottom Line:
This was a quick, easy and painless manicure. Nothing took too long to dry, and clean up only took a few minutes tops. My only qualm with this manicure is that I wish I brought my Gelous along so my nails would have had a smoother finish. The polish is "bumpier" than I expected! That's really not a huge problem, as I can take care of it and adjust when I get home. Orly Rock Solid sells for $7.99 in the US (as far I as I know); I purchased my bottle at my local Sally's. Let me know what you girls think!


  1. I really like this one! It's really unique, I haven't seen anything like it before!

  2. Oh my gosh! I LOVE it! I need it! I love how sparkly it is. :)

  3. Great polish! Thanks for showing it. I have only seen 2 from this collection. My Sally's does not have it in yet.

  4. This colour is beautiful . Love the glitter in it.


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