Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shhhh- my new love affair with Sally Hansen Nail Effects Strips

this post was scheduled ahead of time! enjoy!
-> today, i'm on the road for 11 hours traveling from maryland to atlanta, georgia!

I first decided to buy these nail strips when I found them on sale at Ulta for $4.99. I've wanted to try them but I did a good job convincing myself that they weren't worth ten bucks. Well, I gave in and bought these. So glad I did! I wore them for about a week. They would've lasted much longer without a doubt- I just got a little bored of them. EVERYONE asked about them and complimented them. Definitely money well spent!

I can't remember the name of these to save my life... I tried looking online and had no luck. See if your Ulta still has them, although I doubt they will because this was a few months ago. Still worth a try! These were from Avril Lavigne's exclusive line with Sally Hansen. Interesting pair, for sure!

My girl Sally aaaalso makes pedicure strips... score! I would also never pay full price for these but I was lucky enough to find the following ones on sale for THREE DOLLAS! If you don't like feet, skip past the next two images! I made them tiny so as to not scare anyone away, but I promise my feet don't look that bad! FYI: the top picture was a few days after putting them on (maybe a few weeks ago) and the bottom picture was just now.

I love this pattern! Anyway, that's all for now! I hope you all are having an excellent weekend! PS: if you want to see some pictures from my road trip, follow me on Instagram! I'll be uploading a ton all. of. the. time. It's c4rped1em on Instagram! :*


  1. I've been wanting to try them out but am too scared that they are going to be a pain in the butt to apply! The ones you put on are really pretty! I guess I'll have to try them out soon.

  2. I only bought some of the first SH app nail strips when they first came out and there were maybe 15 designs. I soooo hated all the designs and the price tag, I never bought any more. Most looked to me like wallpaper for nails (and I grew up when everything in our house was covered with wallpaper - so loved my first apt that had fresh white paint on the walls! I never saw this version where it's a blue to silver gradient. Looks better than most and the price point was better too. I ONLY would turn to this if I really needed to make sure a mani lasted for some reason for days and days AND there was a pattern I really loved. Most of the time I would rather have real polish. But maybe for airline travel kind of trips these are a good thing to pack.

  3. I love these things!!!! I found the same strips on clearance at Target!

  4. I love the design on your toe nails:)

  5. Beautiful toes! I'll have to consider these as much as I hate to admit it my toes rarely get repainted so this seems like the perfect option for me! They looks so glam!


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