Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm Baaaaack! Featuring a fun glittery-stamped manicure!

I survived my long, crazy road trip and I'm officially back home sitting on my own bed! Aaaaahhh, what a whirlwind it was! I had SO much fun with my best friend. It's always hard to believe how crazily fast vacations fly by...

I did two manicures while I was on vacation; this was the second of the two (I'll show the first one next- I just like this one so much it can't wait!). While on my road trip, I just so happened to make a pit stop at Transdesign, a HUGE nail supply store. Here's what I snagged (it's almost embarrassing, really):

Yep. Super embarrassing. I saved SO much money, though: I spent $220 on what would normally probably cost double that amount. :D

Here's the long-awaited mani!

If you couldn't tell, I gave my nails a more rounded shape! I am liking it!

I took this one at the beach in Maryland. For some reason, all things just look so much better at the beach!

This is just SO beautiful! I love how the glitter looks over the Color Club. The CC polish seriously went on like a dream. I am now gaga over all things Color Club! These Sation glitters are also amazing.. I wasn't familiar with this brand until I discovered it at the supply shop, but I bought a ton of them and will be featuring another in my next post! I'm addicted! Now to go catch up with some friends I haven't seen in a few weeks. Hope you all enjoy this manicure! xoxo


  1. Wow I LOVE this manicure! It's so sparkly and fun and the more rounded nails look really nice on you!

  2. looove this mani!! and super jel you went into transdesign!! i order from them all the time, must be heavennn

  3. Oh my gosh! What a haul! I love the manicure!

  4. amazing collection... and the manicure too dear ..,<3

  5. @ Carly: Thank you! I've never particularly liked rounded nails but I'm totally feeling it now for some reason!

    @ Mel: It was nice to be able to order in the store and not have to pay shipping! It was like heaven in there. Polish EVERYWHERE.

    @ Olivia: Thank you! My nails were naked when we got together for lunch, I was way too overwhelmed to pick a color haha.

    @ Niesha: Thank you hun! :)


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