Thursday, August 4, 2011

My First Sinful Colors

Hey all! :-) My mom picked me up two Sinful Colors today, nice surprise to come home to, as they are my first taste of the brand! :-) She got me Aqua and Glass Pink, two really different colors. My mom always keeps her eye out for polishes that are really unique; something that I don't already have in my collection.

Aqua + Glass Pink

L->R Aqua, 2 coats of Glass Pink, Aqua with Glass Pink over it

same as above

I couldn't help but top my current mani with this gorgeous glassy sparkle!! The top pic shows White Cap (previous mani) on my thumb + ring fingers. The other three have glass pink over yesterday's mani, which is shown in the bottom pic.

I like what I see of Sinful Colors so far! And at $1.99, how can you beat it?


  1. I love the glass pink over your current mani, and over the blue mani! Layering can just create completely different looks ^^ I've never tried a Sinful before but they do seem like a good brand:)

  2. Two great Sinful Colors! And the pink looks great over your mani! :)

  3. Good choices! I have 21 of these polishes and I've never been disappointed. I love Glass Pink over other pinks and purples; just adds something extra and beautiful.

  4. I don't have those colors, but i do love the brand and love these in your pics! i may have to keep my eye out for them!

  5. I love SC but don't have these colors. I have more Sinful Colors than any brand I own. Can't go wrong for the price. I like to catch them for 99 cents.


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