Wednesday, November 7, 2012

snow, snow, snow...

We're experiencing the first snow fall of the year here in Massachusetts.. and I am not all that thrilled about it! I hate the cold weather, and seeing snow makes it completely evident that the warm weather is over for a while. It's just so cold and bitter out, makes me want to do nothing but stay in bed and sleep. Here was my view when I got out of work today...


Okay, not that bad... but still. Yuck.

Argh. Last night in anticipation for this snow, I decided to do a weather-appropriate manicure. I pulled out my snowflake stamping plates and got to work: 


I used two coats of OPI Russian Navy for my base, a classic in my book. This was one of my first polishes, and I still love it so much. Application is very easy because the formula is great. The color is so opaque and rich that it's almost dreamy.

 To stamp, I used Color Club What A Drag. On my ring finger, I stamped with bm 319. My thumb is bm 14, and the rest of my nails are bm 323. What A Drag is a great stamping polish. I really like how it looks over RN. I also like the look of different snowflake stamps in one mani, it mimics how all snowflakes are different in real life. :)

What do you think? 


  1. Oh yuck indeed! I'm a sun-cat and just don't do cold weather either, lol. I really love how you've done this! The colours you used really makes me think of a frosty Christmasy night, brr!

  2. Wow! I can't believe y'all already have snow, that's crazy! I like your nails, they're super cute with the snowflakes. :)

  3. We had a very light snow in Chicago already, too. Boo!

    But at least your nails are cute.

  4. I was NOT happy that my car had about 1.5 inches on it when I left work today, hopefully it's gone by the morning! Anyway, I actually DON'T have Russian Navy but now I kind of need it because this is gorgeous so... thanks for a new lemming ;)

  5. lovely stamping! gorgeous! :) too bad about the snow.

  6. Yay! Another Mass girl! Though my part of Mass, we got only rain. I work in RI and it snows a decent amount there!

  7. Nice stamping..:)
    i am not good at it!!

  8. This looks beautiful and classy. Great winter mani to bring a little happiness :)


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