Monday, September 10, 2012


Hi guys! This is a manicure I'm really excited about! Today is day ten, gradient day! For today, I decided to use this tutorial from The Nailsaurus. I used colors sort of similar to the ones she used because I loved how they looked. I've done a ton of glitter gradients but I wanted to try a color gradient with some solid cremes. I fought the urge to add glitter to this manicure. Well, here it is:

I took this picture to show a friend this hair treatment I got, 
and I LOVED how my nails looked in this picture!

This manicure was really hard to photograph, but I got a few color-accurate shots. It looks awesome in person. I'm loving this. I used two coats of Essie Art Deco and I sponged with that & Essie Watermelon. These colors look awesome together, and the gradient was really easy to do. I followed the tutorial completely to get this look. 

If you've never tried this look, I definitely recommend it! It was much easier than I expected!


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