Friday, August 24, 2012

Cult Nails Let Me Fly Glitter Gradient

Hiiii! Happy Friday night to those of you who are home relaxing, out partying, or just plain enjoying your time away from work. If you are actually at work, I feel your pain. I'm currently babysitting for a few more hours (not that babysitting is anything awful; this kid is a blast).. then I get to go home and relax. It's a short lived period of relaxation. I'm back at work at nine in the morning and for a solid twelve hours. Y. U. C. K. I hate working a double on Saturdays. No matter how many Saturdays I work, I still hate it so much. Ah well. Not much I can do about it now, is there?

I actually left work a tad early today because I wasn't feeling so hot. The day was supposed to be really busy, but it didn't quite live up to that so I was able to sneak out before I was scheduled to live. I was really grateful that my coworkers let me leave early. I've had so much on my mind lately about school, work, this and that. It's overwhelming.

Anyway... as I was rummaging through my newly-organized polish storage, I got the idea to do a glitter gradient, one of my favorite manicure designs. I've only tried it once before but I love it! Simple and easy, yet they look so awesome! An untried, Butter London Victoriana stood out to me first. I always have the same problem- I see Victoriana and instantly think of Cult Nails Let Me Fly. Then it's over for me, and I have to use Let Me Fly. I just love it.


This is two coats of Cult Nails Let Me Fly topped with Sation Pyramid Princess. I added on the glitter with a triangular makeup sponge. This always proves to be so much easier than I expect it to be. This manicure honestly might be my favorite manicure of all time

Below is a picture of Let Me Fly on its own. This is my first Cult Nails polish, so it holds a dear place in my heart. Eleven other Cult Nails polishes later and I still love this one the most. 

Still gorgeous even on its own.

Do you own Let Me Fly? Which are your favorite Cult Nails shades? Have a great weekend- stay safe and have fun if you get the weekend off! xo


  1. I adore this color combo!! Looks so glam :)

  2. love the glitter gradient, your nails look so healthy & strong

  3. I need to try a glitter gradient, because they always look so good when I see them on blogs! This one is gorgeous. Let Me Fly is such a pretty polish. I don't have any Cult Nails polishes, but I always hear good things about them. I hope you have a good, stress free weekend! :)

  4. great idea to do glitter gradient! love it!


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