Thursday, August 16, 2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's

I ended up re-doing my beach manicure. Sometimes I get really motivated at night to do my nails, so I overhauled my mani and pedi before the beach! Just getting this post up now because Photobucket has been sucking. When I was at Transdesign I bought both For Audrey and Aquadelic (both China Glaze). I was trying to decide which of these to use, but decided to go with Aquadelic because it's a little brighter. Both of these colors just scream Tiffany's blue to me.

Any gift in a blue box is ok by me. Anyway, back to the mani... instead of pairing the blue with the white like you see on these boxes, I decided to do silver:

My hot pink toesies are done with China Glaze Pool Party!

Feeling artsy, lol..

I used China Glaze Aquadelic and China Glaze Silver Lining on my accent nail. I spotted this silver glitter on a blog sale and knew I had to get it... sort of an inside joke between my best friends and I, ha! I'm huge on polish names... even if I don't like the color, if I like the name of a polish I'll purchase it in a heartbeat.

I know this mani isn't exactly Tiffany's blue- I have colors that match more perfectly (think ChG For Audrey and Chanel Nouvelle Vague) but I wanted to use a brighter version and I'm glad I did. I love simple manis like this, and I am currently LOVING the juxtaposition of pairing a glitter and a creme! They just work so well together!! 

What do you think?!


  1. Love the color! And the Mani! And your right any gift in a little blue box is fine by me too! Lol


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