Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Holy Grail of Glitter: OPI Mad As A Hatter

I recently impulsively bid on a bottle of OPI Mad As A Hatter on eBay and won.. I was hoping I wouldn't win so I wouldn't spend MORE money but I've cut down severely on my polish purchases so I guess it was ok.. I justified by calling it an "end of semester" gift to myself. Cheers!

with my "MAAH flats" that I got a couple of months ago


What I Used:
1 coat of OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
3 coats of OPI Mad As A Hatter
1 coay of Poshe Top Coat

I went for the gold and did three coats with no base or anything.. this glitter kicks ass. It's so gorgeous and has so many different colors. The pictures don't do it justice. So many people complimented this manicure, probably because they couldn't look away because it was so blinding..heh heh. 

Do you own MAAH? What's your biggest lemming??


  1. So awesome!! Love the pic w. the flats, amazing!

  2. Sooo beautiful! Love the glitter! :D

  3. MAAH was my first lemming, along with sister AA. a friend found a bn AA a couple of months ago and just this week i scored MAAH from a blog sale and am anxiously awaiting its delivery! (love the shoes btw!)

  4. What a perfect "end of semester" gift! I love it. And I love that you have shoes to match it. I have these glittery flats that are blinding, it reminds me of the polish too. :)

  5. Gorgeous! I haven't worn my MAAH for almost 2 years because I don't want to use it all!


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