Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gorgeous Glassfleck: Zoya Gilda

Hi everyone! I hope you all have some awesome plans for the weekend! I'm pretty excited, I only have to work in the morning today! I took the night off (I usually work 12 hour shifts on Saturdays) so I can go to my little cousin's play tonight! I'm super excited. He is 11 and is a member of the cast of Oliver. I can't wait to watch him perform on stage.

I went shopping a couple of days ago, and I was in the area of the closest ULTA to my house. I couldn't help but stop in. I was proud, though- I only spent $25! The most expensive item I purchased was Zoya Gilda, a gorgeous glassfleck pink which satisfied my recent pink craving.


Colors Used: three coats of Zoya Gilda

 Not sure why but this polish was hard to photograph.. it was gorgeous but I just wasn't happy with how my pictures came out. I think it's partly due to my awkward nail length... some are long and square, others are short and round.. I've since improved this (I did some major chopping off of my nails!) but it annoyed me with this manicure. I'd love to re-try this color out when my nails grow out longer... try to see if I can get some better pictures.

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