Sunday, March 4, 2012

SpaRitual Ripple Effect & Lynnderella Love, Lace and Lilacs

Happy Sunday! I have a pretty manicure to show you all today! I'm a member of a polish group on Facebook, and we have secret swap gifts every season! We did one for Christmas and it was so much fun that we wanted to make it a regular thing. I just got my package, and I got some amazing polish! I don't have an excellent picture, but here are the polishes I got:

Joe Fresh Twilight (my first JFresh, and one I've wanted for a while!)
SpaRitual Howl
Essie Dive Bar
SpaRitual Ripple Effect
Lynnderella Love, Lace and Lilacs

(Thanks Jodi!)

I wanted to feature a couple of polishes that I received, so I paired Ripple Effect and Love, Lace and Lilacs, my third Lynn polish!

What I Used:
1 coat of OPI Nail Envy
2 coats of SpaRitual Ripple Effect
1 coat of Lynnderella Love, Lace and Lilacs
1 coat of Gelous
1 coat of Poshe Top Coat

Wow! The formula on this SpaRitual is seriously impeccable, I'm so impressed! It's my first ever SpaRitual, and I'm already really eager to get more. As for the Lynnderella, it sort of reminds me of an all-white version of Connect the Dots, which everybody and their mom is after. Of course I want more Lynnderella polishes, but I personally don't find them worth the fuss that everybody makes over them. Of course, if I receive them as a gift, I totally won't fight it! It's gorgeous and this mani is gorgeous and I'm so content with it!!

What do you think? What other colors would you pair under LL&L?


  1. beautiful combo.. glad you like them :)

  2. Beyond FAB! I love, love it. I would combo anything that is med shade under this great Lynderella. How lucky you are to have nabbed some Lynnderella when they came back in stock. I am also a big SpaRitual fan too. The formula agrees with my nails and they don't peal and get thin when I use it.

  3. aw that combinations is stunning! love that lynnderella.


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