Friday, March 2, 2012

CND Shellac Wildfire Review (+ vacation pics)

While on vacation, I knew I wanted to get some treatments done at the spa. After all, what better time to do so?! I spotted "CND Shellac" on the list of services first and immediately scheduled an appointment. I'm SO glad I did- CND Shellac was excellent and I will definitely be doing it again. Scroll down to read my review and see a bunch of excellent pictures!!

I picked the red Wildfire for my manicure- got so many compliments on this color!

Fresh out of the salon

Day 1

Day 8

Day 8

First day back to work and we have a casualty :(

Day 10

My Spa Therapist provided me with these little pads to remove my Shellac.

There are 10 in the package, to be soaked in acetone for ten minutes to remove the UV-cured polish

After removal. There's a bit of stainage still on my nails but very minor.

Overall? I love Shellac and I'll definitely be getting this done again. I couldn't believe how long it lasted, and it was so shiny the entire duration I kept it on! The manicure cost me $45; perfect or a vacation, wedding, or long event where you need your nails to stay perfect. I loved this.

Ok, now for some vacation pics!

Tropical drinks allll week long


Mexico again!

Authentic lime margarita.. love tequila!


  1. Glad you had a good time on your vacation! It looks so beautiful. Wish I could be there right now, lol.

    The manicure looks amazing too. Love that red.

  2. my mom only does Shellac manis ... she swears by them

  3. Save some $ and pick up a couple shades of the new Revlon Colorstay polish - says it will last up to 11 days - I get a good 9-10 out of them and take it off because I can without it costing $45 and the growth line line you get with Shellac drives me nuts. I bought every shade but the Black (Stilleo) I think between trying a few at full price (not cheap - $8.40)...but this last week Rite Aide had them on sale at 40% off! I got all the ones Rite Aide had that I had not bought already! They can take a new coat by day 4 and a couple clear toppers along the way to keep the gloss on a few of the shades. I even love the yellow which is rare for me -Buttercup - I finally found a yellow (other than CG Lighthouse) that I don't look sick in and even get compliments from many on it - the Buttercup that is. So glad you got away and had a great vacation! I have been to Mexico many times in Feb. It's a great time to go unless you hit a hurricane tail end - then no ocean on the Pacific side where I used to go. Right now other than Cabo in Baja - little afraid to go with all the gang violence. I have friends who live in Cabo so feel OK about going there - they know when and were to go and likewise where NOT to go.

  4. Looks like you had a great time! :)


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