Saturday, February 18, 2012

Guest Week Day One: Olivia featuring Wet n' Wild: Blue Moon & Essie: Shine of the Times

I'm so excited to introduce my first guest blogger! Olivia is one of my favorite bloggers. I discovered her blog when I first started blogging in the summer and hers inspired me to keep blogging even though I didn't have many followers. I'm so glad she agreed to write a guest post for me!

First of all, a big thanks to Emily for choosing me to be a guest blogger! I was so surprised she chose me since I suck so much at blogging on my own blog. ;)

I wanted to pick a really awesome polish, or polish combo. It took me forever to come up with something that was even halfway decent. I think I was trying too hard. I had like a million untried polishes sitting out on my desk, which included all the Essie Luxe Effects polishes. And those are all awesome, by the way. Shine of the Times is my favorite of the bunch. You can layer it over pretty much anything and it is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I also recently purchased Wet n Wild Blue Moon, which is a deep navy blue with a turquoise colored shimmer. I just happened to experiment with these two polishes and came up with one of my favorite combos of all time! Take a look!

I used two coats of Blue Moon and only one coat of Shine of the Times. I seriously love both of these polishes. Wet n Wild is one of my favorite drug store brands, and they usually have an awesome formula. Essie is also one of my favorite brands ever. I feel like you pretty much can't go wrong with it. And these Luxe Effects are sweeeet! I love all of them.

What's your favorite polish combo? Have you paired Shine of the Times with something and come up with an awesome combo? I'd love to know! 

Thank y'all for reading and thanks again to Emily! :)


  1. I paired Shine of the Times with Orly's Fowl Play - my new favorite combination!

  2. Gorgeous! I was about to purchase SOT, but it looks so much like Nubar 2010, I think I'll sit it out. This is pretty!


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