Friday, January 13, 2012

Help Wanted! Guest Bloggers Needed

Hi ladies! Happy Friday! I have an inquiry to bring to your attention today! I'm excited to announce that I'm going on a mega amazing vacation in February! My family and I are going on a western Caribbean cruise that I am SO psyched about!

Now, because I won't have internet readily accessible, I want to invite some of you amazing bloggers to be featured during the week I'm away.

I will be away from February 17th until the 25th. I want to schedule a blogger to post something new each of those days so that Embellished Nails isn't left idle for eight whole days. You don't have to be an amazing artist to be featured: I'm not looking for nail bloggers with thousands of followers. In fact, you don't technically need a blog to write me a guest post. Of course, if you do, I will post a link to your blog in your post so you will be featured!

In your guest post, the only requirement is that the subject of your post is or relates to nail polish/nails/manicures. You can do nail art/stamping but aren't required to. You can try something new or feature something that you've done before and loved.

If you're interested, contact me ASAP as I am sure these 8 spots will go quickly! E-mail me at to reserve your spot. In your e-mail, include:
- the name of your blog (if you have one)
- what you will feature (if you have a general idea; if not, no worries, as you have some time to think about it)
- any questions you may have

I'm requiring that all guest posts and pictures must be e-mailed to me by the Monday before my trip (that's Monday, February 13th) so that I can schedule them all successfully before I leave!

I will be posting my nails of the day later on today! For now, I thank you all for your help in advance! :)

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