Thursday, October 27, 2011

Piggy Polish Poet-Tree

I've officially found my perfect mint green. The other day at Ulta, I spotted some Piggy Polishes on sale. $3.99 for polish that usually costs $7.50! There were a ton of pretty shades, but this mint green creme caught my eye. I decided to get this one because it's the only mint green that I own. Check it out!

I thought it looked good next to my lab manual. ;-)

What I Used:
1 coat of Ridge Filling Base Coat
3 coats of Piggy Polish Poet-Tree
1 coat Poshe Top Coat

Bottom Line:
I didn't have much time for this manicure/dry time.. so I had to be very precise & not get a ton on my skin surrounding my nails. I used three coats of this polish. Two may have been enough, but I think it looked better with two. It dried pretty quickly, and I loved the new Poshe top coat I bought. It didn't dry as quick as Seche Vite but it's definitely a forerunner. I just hate how clumpy my SV gets.. so I wanted to try something new. Anyway, this is a PERFECT mint green creme. The formula was flawless. All around, I'm in love!! Also.. don't mind my super unprofessional pictures. It was still dark out this morning so I couldn't take pictures outside. These will suffice for now. :-)


  1. I love the name! Make the color feel eccentric.

  2. It is gorgeous on you! I've been wanting to try Piggy Polish, but I just haven't found a color I really want. Yet. I'm sure one will pop up one day!

  3. Good price for Piggy polish that is way over priced I think - but then it's safe for kids and if I were putting polish on my kids I would want to pay the price....still kids will want what mom is wearing no matter what you have that is just for them. I am with Olivia C - not many PP shades have appealed to me. But that probably is due to the stuff they need to ad to make holos and all the rest of the fun stuff is not going to create a safe kids polish.

  4. This one is a pretty one!


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