Saturday, September 3, 2011

So Long Summer Post #5: Zoya Faye

So, today I will be comparing three very like polishes: OPI Rally Pretty Pink, OPI It's My Year and Zoya Faye. I know that the hype is already probably over on the fact that these polishes are very similar, but I figured I'd share anyway. Before using a ton of Zoya Faye on my nails, I wanted to see if one of my OPIs was a dupe of it so I wouldn't waste too much of the polish before putting it on my swap list.

1. OPI Rally Pretty Pink
2. Zoya Faye
3. OPI It's My Year


Rally Pretty Pink and Faye are definitely dupe-worthy. The application on both was virtually the same for me. Not to mention how identical the colors are! My only main difference would probably be that Zoya's version takes a million times longer to dry. Regarding It's My Year; in the bottle, the three look pretty close. On the nail, it's got more of a purple base. These shades are all gorgeous; which is your favorite, if any, of the three?


  1. I really love when bloggers do the comparisons, so we can save some money and not run out and get basically the same polish if we already have one. Thanks! I have Faye so I know I don't nee RPP now.

  2. Got to say I'm not feeling any of these! Saved me some money!

  3. Thanks for showing them swatched next to each other. There has been talk about these 3 being close but never have seen anyone swatch then to show them together.

  4. They're all pretty, but OPI It's My Year is my fave!


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