Sunday, September 4, 2011

OPI Merry Midnight and New Look!

Hi ladies! Welcome to the new and improved Embellished Nails! Jen from Just Foolin Blog Designs helped me transfer my ideas into a gorgeous banner. She was so patient as I went back and forth between design ideas and pictures I wanted. Here is a blog post where she features my blog makeover! Thanks again, Jen! AND, thanks to my wonderful 100 other followers! Seeing my blog's followers in triple digits makes me so happy, considering I blogged for about two months without any followers, telling myself "I just did this for me." Well, now I do it for all of you too!!!

Onto today's color... my best friend and I decided that pedicures would be a great idea to ring in the new school year and celebrate a great summer with, so we went for it! I couldn't resist getting a manicure too. Best part of the trip? Seeing Merry Midnight, the rare OPI color, on the color shelf! Aaaahhhh! I decided on OPI Sweet As Annie-Thing from the 90210 collection for my pedicure color. I'm so partial to reds on my toenails... in fact, I don't think I've ever gotten a professional pedicure that wasn't red. I got Merry Midnight done on my nails.

I couldn't bring myself to leave without this polish in hand... so, I got the nerve to ask if the polish was for sale! The lady went in back to see if they had an unopened bottle, but no luck.. she apologized and walked away, but I proceeded to ask if I could just buy this one. She negotiated & set a price of $5.. mind you, this polish is about 4/5 full! YES!

I'm not crazy in love with the manicure job.. I think that I do a better job myself! Still worth the pampering though.

And a comparison.. from left to right, NFU OH #51, Orly Fowl Play and OPI Merry Midnight

From left to right: OPI Merry Midnight, Orly Fowl Play, NFU OH #51

Bottom line: While Merry Midnight is absolutely gorgeous, I think I'm going to prefer Fowl Play more because its base is much darker. Merry Midnight might just go into my newly forming "swap" pile (I find it SO hard to part with polishes, even when they're dead dupes of another!).


  1. Soo pretty, I actually prefer the lighter base in Merry Midnight but I probably won't own it anytime soon. FP will do for now!

  2. I don't own Merry Midnight, but I think I prefer Fowl Play too. I loved that when I wore it!

  3. LOVE the new layout! Very cute!
    Your nails look great! I'm so glad you were able to buy that polish. It's so pretty!
    I find it hard to part with polishes, too. Even if I know I don't need it. haha :)

  4. These polishes are amazingg.. I love Fowl Play, and I agree too, I have like lots of dupes and I cant part with any of them :P

  5. Merry Midnight is so pretty!! I want it AND Fowl Play. lol.


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