Thursday, September 1, 2011

So Long Summer Post #3: Zoya Kimmy

I've been feeling really down the past few days, and I'm not exactly sure why. I just haven't had the motivation to do anything. The thought of going to work and interacting with people makes me so nervous and anxious. I haven't really done much except for staying in and sleeping or being unproductive online. Maybe it's just a mini spurt of depression but it's rough and it sucks!

Anyway, to the polish. Zoya Kimmy is from the Zoya Sunshine Collection that I'm featuring as one last hurrah to summer. This is my favorite so far of the ones I've featured.

The yucky dark spots around my nail beds are staining from when I tie dyed a few days ago! :(

As always, my sunflowers manage to cheer me up a bit.


  1. My dad's sunflowers all got knocked down by the hurricane-but oh so pretty!

  2. Wow this is so beautiful! :) Zoya does such a nice job.

  3. Gorgeous polish!
    I'm sorry you're feeling down. :( I think we all get that way sometimes. But I hope you get to feeling like yourself again soon! Just think of all the pretty polishes fall has to offer. :)

  4. I missed getting an email notice of this blog yesterday - so coming back looking from today's blog on the green apple from this collection. Had to see you in Kimmy that is also my fav in this 6 bottle Zoya Sunshine collection. Not a dog in the group. Love, Love, LOVE!

  5. Oh, and forgot to say - these photos as great as they are just cannot capture the glory that is's just not descriable or photographical (there's a song from Pal Joey that takes about being UN-photogreaphical!!!! ..."un-photographical, yet you're my favorite work of art." That's out of the lyrics of a song called "My Funny Valentine." Many of you will know it from Frank Sinatra fav songs...that's how Kimmy is - ya just cannot capture it. Funny as the movie Pal Joey with Frank Sinatra also stared Kim Novak - (Kimmy - Kim!!!.


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