Monday, September 26, 2011

OPI Light My Sapphire with DS Original

Hi ladies! It's been a hell of a Monday; I am EXHAUSTED! Tomorrow is my "sleep in day," I get to sleep in till 9:30/10 yay!!! Considering I'm up by 7am every morning I am very excited to get a few extra hours of rest. It's definitely well-needed.

So, I painted this manicure yesterday afternoon. I started with OPI Light My Sapphire, a corny title that reminds me of that song by The Doors, Light My Fire. Reminds me of an ex, lmao! This color was awesome, but I was feeling something flashier. Here's Light My Sapphire alone:

Now, on to the real goodies! After the cut you'll see more pics of this holo goodness, plus a picture of my awesome nail mail I received today!!

I snapped this as I was getting into my car after work. Goooorgeous!

Today's nail mail, from l->r 
Essie Tennis Corset (the ONLY polish I know of that has "tennis" in the name!!)
OPI Absolutely Alice
butter LONDON Victoriana 
butter LONDON All Hail The Queen
butter LONDON Big Smoke
butter LONDON Wallis

And here is a bonus picture of Jake Owen from last night's concert! <3

ANYWAY...back on topic!!

What I Used:
1 coat OPI Nail Envy
2 coats OPI Light My Sapphire
1 coat OPI DS Original
1 coat Seche Vite Top Coat

Bottom Line:
I don't like layering too much because you can sort of see the polish underneath and I don't like using 2 coats of expensive holos like this (yes I am a cheap ass). This polish is gorgeous in the sun, but not so gorgeous in the shade. Maybe I'm just picky. Anyway, holo-wise, DS Original is amazing. It's absolutely stunning, but I think I may retire this one for a while as the nice weather is disappearing. 

Time to put my focus back on the dark polishes! ;-)


  1. The mani is amazing! Light My Sapphire is a great name that makes me smile EVERY TIME.

  2. I love DS Original! Gorgeous!
    Great nail mail! Love all those butter Londons! And Jake Owen is hottttt! :)

  3. Who is that delicious man? OMG! I love both these colors! Alone and together-very pretty!

  4. DS Original was my first DS and is still my favorite. :)


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