Wednesday, August 17, 2011

China Glaze Wagon Trail with Nubar 2010

First I want to thank all of my newer followers & my current awesome followers who comment on everything! I love you guys and I peruse your blogs every day, I just haven't had the chance to comment the past few days like I usually do.My new job has been sorta ridiculous.. I barely get the time to breathe, nevermind do all of the other things I have going on in my life! I've been getting really into darker colors.. not sure why, maybe it's the cool weather & upcoming fall? I'm usually never a dark polish gal,though. Here's China Glaze Wagon Trail from their '08 Rodeo Collection. Because I didn't want my mani to be too dark for the office, I topped it with some Nubar 2010 flakie goodness.

Indoors this color looked black with orange shimmer. Outdoors, it's definitely an olive green. The flakies give it a nice rainbow effect :) I'm sure this one will get some compliments today. Arggh.. off to work now.. 9-6.. could it get any worse than that?


  1. I will be purchasing the one later today!

  2. Love this!! I get my 2010 this week in the mail and can't wait!!

  3. This is too gorgeous for words!

  4. I love Nubar 2010! so glad I bought it and I have yet to try it over a dark color but I love this on you!


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