Tuesday, July 5, 2011

OPI My Chihuahua Bites + New Storage!!

Hello everyone! I had a pretty productive day today! I worked 7 hours this morning, and came home and cleaned my room. Seriously, the only motivation to clean my room was for this addition:

Now, my nail collection is still miniature compared to the majority of all of you, so this modest plastic cart does the job for now. I'm actually excited about the setup- before I just had them in a pink plastic container. I organized the three drawers as follows, from top to bottom: nail supplies like top coats, base coats, nail files/clippers, polish remover, then the second drawer is my favorites: OPI & Essie. Bottom drawer is drugstore, there's an American Apparel, my China Glazes and Finger Paints, and some others. Super excited to have this newfound availability, rather than merely digging through a plastic bin haha.

Today's polish is a pink/red/orange? by OPI. It's pretty gorgeous. Check out this next pic. My iPhone was totally loving me and agreeing tonight!

The first three pictures were taken directly in artificial light and the last was taken not directly in the light. Alright. Off to bed. Another 5am wakeup call tomorrow. YUCK.

I almost forgot- thank you girls for answering yesterday's QOTD. Still gotta find my perfect yellow.

Question Of The Day
Have any of you girls tried Chanel polish? What do you think about the $24 price tag? Is it worth it? If you've tried it, which are your favorites??


  1. I have that OPI, too and I love it! Perfect summer color!
    I have 2 Chanel's. The price is kind of ridiculous, because you're paying for a name. However, I think it's kind of nice to have some high end polishes in your collection. I have Paradoxal and Particuliere. I'm seriously thinking about getting Peridot because I love it! Some people say that the formula isn't good, but I haven't had any trouble. Once your buy the first one, you might not want to buy another. I like Chanel, though. :)

  2. That color is super cute on you! I love the name of it as well. As far as Chanel nail polishes go- I love them all but I am a hardcore Chanel NP collector. If you ask me what my top 3 NPs are they would all be Chanel; but everyone has their own opinion and I can only speak for myself. I think if you are really dying to try a color, start with one and see if you like the formula/color and then go from there. It is also better to pay the $24 now instead of ending up regretting not getting it and paying the big bucks on eBay.
    Hope that helps!

  3. I love some of OPI's polish names and this one is one of those! Lol and the colour is so unusual and hard to describe. Very nice summer colour anyways~ I've always been tempted to buy a chanel polish but the price is not appealling to me when i can get just as nice a colour in another brand :)


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