Sunday, July 3, 2011

Coming Soon: 4th of July mani!

Hi ladies! :) I wanted to do this yesterday but I'm working a 10 hour shift today and didn't want to chip a nail so I'm gonna do it tonight.. my patriotic manicure!! I'm pretty simple when it comes to nail art so we'll see what I come up with, nothing too crazy.

I'm actually at work on break now, my mom came to visit and what does she bring? Two cute little polishes she picked up at the grocery store to brighten my day.. both Wet & Wild. I haven't used Wet & Wild cosmetics (let alone nail polish) in AGES, probably ten years or something. They're pretty colors. Wet & Wild's Gray's Anatomy & Teal or No Teal. :)) Expect a blog post in 7 hours or so!

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