Wednesday, June 22, 2011

To Do... -_-

Please disregard this post- it's just a to do list for me. I have soooo much I keep procrastinating, omg! I actually keep procrastinating this damn to do list. WTF!? This all needs to be done by Thursday night. Yes, I'm deadlining myself. Yes, I just made up that word. Gah. I meant to wake up early today, paint my nails, get shit done before I have to babysit but the exact opposite happened. I babysit at 10:30, 20 minutes away. I'm still sitting here after my shower having done nothing, including remove my nail polish and dry my hair, two necessities. Ah well.

- LAUNDRY (it hasn't been done in a remarkable amount of time.)
- read book for lit class
- get ass to library tomorrow if other book for lit class doesn't arrive
- psych discussion
- psych assignments
- clean room
- clean car

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