Wednesday, June 29, 2011

American Apparel Peacock

I had the most awesome day in the sunshine with my best friends :)) I babysat this morning, then played tennis and laid out by the pool/swam/painted my nails! I know it's pink Wednesday but I already rocked my pink half the day.. I was dying to try out my new and first American Apparel color, Peacock. Here it is! I did a little White Cap on my accent nails to spruce it up a little.

The color is great but I don't care for the formula. The polish itself was streaky and goopy. Yuck.

Cuticle clean up is a little rough, because I have to work in 20 minutes lol. I'm hoping I don't chip a nail tonight.. blah. Working in food service sucks. Alright, hope everyone has a nice night.


  1. I like this blue colour, its so nice and there's something about it I cant put my finger on but its a great shade! Like the addition of the silver too :)

  2. Pretty color. I love the White Cap accent :)

  3. I wish blues weren't such a pain to work with!

    And, you got awards, you got awards!


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