Sunday, October 28, 2012

pretty edgy and beyond cozy

Hello, hello! I am back! Sometimes I get so busy and it becomes near impossible to get a post up. My goal for posts is this:

Sunday/Monday blogazon roundup
Tuesday off topic tuesday
Wednesday Thursday Friday nail posts
Saturday Sunday off, unless I have something to post

It's seriously my goal to regulate this this week and get things onto a regular schedule. Even though it's Sunday I do have a nail post for you! This is one of my favorite manicures as of late and it's a simple one. I got both of these polishes at my new job. Check it out:


Shown is two coats of Essie Pretty Edgy on four of my nails. Three coats of Essie Beyond Cozy is on my accent nail. Pretty Edgy is a color I wouldn't normally purchase. With my short nails, I feel like I can pull off anything. I'm finally embracing them. ;D The formula on it is great, and it's the perfect green. I wore this manicure for four days with very limited tipwear and no chips. It's also SO shiny! I topped it with some Seche but it still stands out as being so shiny. Someone actually commented on how shiny it is. 

Beyond Cozy is from the brand new 2012 Winter Collection. We just put it out out at work. I wasn't immediately in love with the collection, but after taking a closer look at Beyond Cozy, it seemed awfully reminiscent of one of my faves of 2012, China Glaze's I'm Not Lion. I'll have to do a comparison of these two. I'm not a huge gold person but something about this gold glitter just calls to me! I probably wouldn't wear it on its own as a full mani but for accents, it's perfect. Application on this one was great and I probably could've gotten away with 2 coats but 3 just seemed to be better (maybe all in my head...). 

What do you think?

HAPPY SUNDAY, by the way! I work every Sunday always but I have this Sunday off. Just doing my routine tutoring then heading to SIX FLAGS for Fright Fest! So excited. Hoping the bad weather holds off at least for a while so I can enjoy my day outdoors.


  1. These two look awesome together! Have fun at Sig Flags, I love when theme parks do frightnight things! :D

    1. I love how they look together, too! Pairing a glitter with a creme is always such a great look. I love Six Flags, just hate how expensive it's gotten! It was a lot of fun for sure, though!

  2. that is a beautiful shade of green

  3. This green is so vibrant! I love this

  4. oh what pretty shade of green


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