Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Zoya Dannii

I'll admit it, I'm a tad bit obsessed with purple polish. Purple isn't even my favorite color (although it's slowly climbing the ranks) but I just love purple polish. Zoya Dannii is no exception. I got this from a blog sale during the days when I was obsessed with blog sales. I'm so glad I did, though. This polish is amazing. Check it out for yourself.

weird lighting in this one..sorry!

What I Used: 
1 coat of OPI Nail Envy
2 coats of Zoya Dannii
1 coat of Poshe Top Coat

I love this! What is your favorite Zoya? Your favorite Zoya purple?! I want to hear!  


  1. I like this one but my fave Zoya purple is Mimi....hmmmm, could it be because of the name and my blog name! lol Seriously I love purples.

  2. This is super gorgeous.
    I have to agree with Connie, I REALLY love Zoya Mimi. So deep and amazing!

    BTW I tagged you in my most recent post on my blog. Check it out? xoxo

  3. You hit the strings of my heart with Dani here. It's seriously one of my all time fav purple polishes. It's different than anything I have. Looks fab on you!


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