Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Anise Crocodile Tears

Hi everyone! So sorry for the lack of blog posts! I have just been very busy and it's hard to find the time to write a post. Today, I have a different brand to show you! I found this at DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) near the checkout area. This color is so pretty in the bottle that I had to try it out. Check it out.

What I Used:
1 coat of OPI Nail Envy
3 coats of Anise Crocodile Tears
1 coat of Seche Vite Top Coat

Bottom Line:
This color is pretty in the bottle, but not as amazing on my nails. I wore it for a good 3-4 days with minimal tipwear which I always love. Overall I don't love it or hate it, but it will stay in my collection!

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  1. omg i LOVE the color in the bottle! such a shame it's not the same on your nails though =[ I hate when polishes are like that!

  2. DSW has polish?! I might need to check this out.

  3. By the name i was kinda thinking green. Maybe it be good under crackle polish.

  4. I'm going to DSW today after classes. And now I want to go even more! I hope they have polish! I have one Anise polish, and I actually really like it. This one's really pretty. :)


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