Saturday, August 6, 2011

Revlon Orange Pop: Scented Polish!!

I did an orange mani yesterday- I swatched all of my oranges (I'll be using pics of the nail wheel in a post soon!) last night while I was babysitting. I picked my favorite of the bunch for my mani- an untried, Revlon's scented Orange Pop.

Cool Pop was the base for all of my nails.
Accent Nails: Seche Vite base coat, 2 coats Orange Pop, 1 coat Claire's Bedazzled, Seche Vite top coat
Rest of nails: Seche Vite base coat, 3 coats Orange Pop, 1 coat OPI Tangerini Bikini, Seche Vite top coat


  1. I hate oranges on myself yet they're so pretty on everyone else! Argh! This looks lovely on you!

  2. That turned out really pretty!

  3. I'm loving oranges lately! Very pretty! And I love that glitter... so I'm gonna have to go to Claire's soon!


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