Sunday, June 26, 2011

Essie Watermelon & bonus Zebra pedicure

Hello ladies! I'm going to see Taylor Swift today so I wanted to do something sparkly and fabulous. I recently got Essie Watermelon from a blog sale so I figured it'd look great with my sundress for the outdoor concert later on! I actually have some indoor pics and some sunlight pics today! Woo! Oh yeah, I also put a coat of China Glaze White Cap over my mani, then a coat of SV- my new faaaavorite top coat.

These first two pictures were taken outdoors. :-)

This was taken indoors, sorry for the crappy quality.

I also added zebra stripes to a white pedicure my friend did.. kinda smudgey around the edges but I think my zebra print looks ok! 

I used a little silver sparkle accents here and there, but I'm not sure if the picture picks that up. Zebra print is an easy way to spruce up your nails, even if you don't have a Konad zebra print stamp!

PS- Nine followers!! Thank you! If you add me to your blog roll module, let me know so I can add you to mine. :-)


  1. I really like that color!

  2. i only have 2 bottles of essie that i bought last week. i love them save for the thin brushes.

    got here through the member blogs of our fb group! hope u visit my blog too.

    new follower <3

  3. love the watermelon color! great blog, here is my makeup blog if you're interested!


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