Wednesday, August 24, 2011

... Red Wednesday? OPI Friar, Friar Pants On Fire!

I planned on doing pink for Pink Wednesday.. but I've been dying to try OPI Friar, Friar Pants On Fire! since I got it last week for only $3.50 at my beauty store!! This is a color I've seen around a lot but I've never bought because it doesn't look unique. I always forget how much I like the way red looks on my nails until I use a red polish, like this one. It's gorgeous, and definitely my idea of a perfect red.

I don't know if you ladies have noticed, but I've switched up my method of clean-up a bit. I used to only use pointed q-tips to clean around my nail bed edges but I recently purchased a slanted eyebrow brush to clean closer to the cuticle & sides. My clean-up is looking better but I'm still working on it. If you guys do anything special during clean-up you feel is worth mentioning, let me know! I'd love to hear some clean-up tips I can try.


  1. Nice color! And, I also use a makeup brush for cleanup!!

  2. So pretty! I don't have this red but it looks great on you! I also use an angled eye liner brush for clean up! So easy!

  3. Very pretty red! I've never seen this before, either. :)

  4. I love this color and it looks so cute on you. :)
    Your cleanup is fine. As for me, I tend not to clean up at all, I just do my best and let the shower take care of my oopsies.

  5. I hate cleanup! I tend to just paint carefully, then when it's dry I wash in warm water and the excess just comes off or can be easily scraped away.


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