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Hello all! Thanks for checking out my blog sale. I've hit an impasse with my blog and have a ton of nail polish sitting around, a good portion of which is either unused or has only been used once. Next summer, I am taking the trip of a lifetime to Spain to study, and I am trying to save up as much as I can now.

Here is the link to my MUA account if you'd like to see some feedback from previous buyers:

Some basics:
1. Minimum purchase of $10 (before shipping), please. Exceptions may be made- please email me to inquire about possible exceptions.
2. Polish names will be listed below the photograph they correspond to, listing colors from left to right.
3. Shipping will be $3 within the US, .50 cents for each additional item. This MAY change based on how much you're purchasing/where in the country you're located. Take this simply as a base rate. As for international purchases, I will give you an individual quote. Please feel free to email me with what you would like to purchase and where you are located.
4. Shipping days will typically be Mon/Wed/Fri based on my class/work schedule.
5. Payment must be made through PayPal. 

To purchase or if you have any questions
please contact me via email:

The following three images show polish that is "free with purchase." Spend $15 or more and choose one free polish that I will include with your order. :-)

ELF Moonlight, Orly Essence of Pearl, K.S. Key West, Jade Love Addiction, Jordana Electric Blue 

FingerPaints Private Collection, NYC Pier 17, NYC West Village, Borghese La Strada Rose, Wet n Wild Sugar Coat

China Glaze Peppermint Cuticle Oil, Claire’s Evil Queen, Delia’s Cloudy Days, Delia’s Violet Mist, Seche unlabeled, Borghese Base & Top Coat

Treatments/Base/Top Coats:
Barielle Nail Rebuilding Protein $4
Essie Super Duper Top Coat (used a few times) $3
OPI Natural Nail Base Coat (used a few times) $3
CND Super Shiney $3
Seche Clear Base Coat (used a few times) $3

CND Effects:
Raspberry Sparkle $4
Jade Sparkle $4
Crimson Sparkle $4
Sapphire Sparkle $4
Amethyst Sparkle $4
Ice Blue Shimmer $4
Emerald Shimmer $4

Old CND:
Moonlight & Roses
Milky Way
Silicone Smile
Hot Pop Blue
Hotski To Tchotchke
all used a few times, $2 each

Butter London:
Butter London Scoundrel (used 1x) $6
Butter London Marrow $7
Butter London Big Smoke $7

Jem (used 1x) $3
Tanzy (bought used) $3
Charla $4
Ivanka $4
Feifei $4
London (swatched 1x) $4

Sinful Colors Nail Junkie $2
Sinful Colors San Francisco $2
Sinful Colors Frenzy $2
Spoiled Use Protection $2
Sally Hansen Pumpkin Spice $3

Wet n Wild Bite the Bullet $1
Sinful Colors What’s Your Name $2
Wet n Wild 9021 Orange $2
Wet n Wild Teal or No Teal $2
Wet n Wild Grey’s Anatomy (duochrome) $2
Jordana Lilac Hearts (heart-shaped glitter) $2

Ninja Polish Lisa $4
Ninja Polish Paula $4
Love, Lace and Lilacs (used once) $20

Layla Hologram Effect 03 Retro Pink (swatched 1x) $7
Nails Inc. Pudding Lane (used 1x) $6
Nails Inc. Sweets Way (new in wrapping) $7
Nails Inc. Topping Lane (new in wrapping) $7
Models Own Aqua Violet Beetle Juice (duochrome, new in wrapping) $8

Fresh $3
Be Brave $3
Mermaid Tale $4
Spazmatic $3

Skin Deep (used a few times) $3
Orange, It’s Obvious! $3
Kisses and Bises $3
Trophy Wife (used once) $3
Damsel in a Dress (used once) $3

Aruba Blue $4
A Cut Above (used as accent nail) $3
Stroke of Brilliance (used once) $3
All Tied Up $4
Case Study $4

Fair Game (used once) $3
Dive Bar (used once) $3
After Sex (used once) $3
Golden Nuggets (used once) $3
Penny Talk (used once) $3

Sephora by OPI It’s My Pink (BNIB, scented, Betsey Johnson feature) $6
NOPI Wink of Twink $3
NOPI Keep It Real $3
Megan Miller Caribbean (used 1x) $6
Mary Kay Plush Plum $3

Falling Star (used a few times) $3
Buddha-Ful (used 1x) $3
Jess’ Champagne Toast $3
Blackened Bleu $3

Color Club (labeled):
Otherworldly $3
Space Case $3
Wild and Willing $3
Nouveau Vintage $3
Bojo Mojo $2
Fame and Fortune $2

Color Club (unlabeled):
4 duochrome shimmers $2 each, $10 shipped for the set

Suzi Says Feng Shui (used 1x) $3
Sit Under the Apple Tree $4
Stranger Tides (used 1x) $3 
A Roll in the Hague $4
It’s Totally Fort Worth It $3
Totally Tangerine $3

The Impossible (liquid sand, used 1x) $4
Stay The Night (sand) $5
Russian Navy Suede (looks to be used once) $6
Gold Shatter (used once) $1
Alpine Snow matte (used a few times) $1

Fresh Frog of Bel Air $4
Divine Swine $4 $4
The Living Daylights (used as accent nail) $4

Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous $4
On The Same Paige $4
Thanks a Windmillion $4
I Don’t Give a Rotterdam $4
Purple with a Purpose (2 available) $4

Big Apple Red (used a few times) $3
Too Hot Pink to Hold Em (used a few times) $3
Light My Sapphire $4
Dutch ‘Ya Just Love OPI $4
A Good Mandarin Is Hard To Find (used 1x) $3

Carbonite $4
Bewitching Bordeaux (1x) $3
Orange Pop (scented, 1x) $3
Blue Mosaic $3
Fascets of Fuschia $3
Amethyst (color stay gel-like, 1x) $3

China Glaze:
Papaya Punch $3
Towel Boy Toy (used once) $2.50
Flying Dragon (used once) $2.50
Beauty and the Beach (used once) $2.50
Dorothy Who? (used once) $2.50

China Glaze:
FYI (brand new, holo, label coming off slightly) $9
He’s Going In Circles (holo) $9
Blue Year’s Eve (used 1x) $3
In Awe of Amber $3
Lubu Heels $3

China Glaze Prismatics Collection (used, some more than others, some barely used):
Prism, Optical Illusion, Ray-diant, Full Spectrum, Liquid Crystal, Polarized
$2 each

China Glaze:
Luxe and Lush (used once) $3
Golden Enchantment (used a few times, bottom label is a bit dirty on the side) $2.50
Twinkle Lights (used once) $3
Smoke and Ashes $3

Color Club Magnetics: Sci-Fi and Magnetic Force (used a few times) $2 each
Nails Inc. Magnetic Houses of Parliament (used a few times) $4
Del Sol Metal Mania (changes in sun to purple) $5
Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Lavender Sky and Cinnabar $6 each

Piggy Polish Parting Waves $3
Piggy Polish Poet-Tree (used twice) $2
Nars Orgasm (mini, used once) $4
Urban Outfitters Ashtray $3
CHI Red $2

Anise Crocodile Tears (used 1x) $3
Anise Glitz ‘n’ Go $3
Funky Fingers Teal Scales $3
Fashion Bug Sand $2
Icing Vampire’s Blood $3

Candy Shop $5
Bedazzled (used once) $3
Glitter Top Coat (holographic, used once) $3
Mystical (used once) $3

Deborah Lippmann:
Today Was A Fairytale (swatched 1x) $10
Glitter In the Air (used a few times) $8
Naked (used a few times) $6

Motley (flakie, 4 available) $10
Gallery Glam $3
Hue Are You? $3
Painter’s Passion (used a few times) $2

Pink Stripe Rite $2
CHI Sultry Nights $2
NYC Starry Silver Glitter $2
Sinful Colors Courtney Orange $2
OPI Black Shatter $2
Unlabeled light grey OPI $2
Unlabeled pink OPI $2